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The Spectacular Now (2013)

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The Spectacular Now (2013)

Kategori: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Release: 18 Jan 2013

Bintang: Brie Larson, Masam Holden, Miles Teller, Shailene Woodley

Deskripsi: Sutter invites Aimee to a party, but temporarily loses interest when he sees Cassidy. Sutter asks her to have a drink with him, but Cassidy soon leaves with her new boyfriend Marcus (Dayo Okeniyi), so Sutter returns to Aimee. The two go for a walk, where Sutter introduces Aimee to alcohol and Aimee brings up getting accepted into a college in Philadelphia, though she does not feel she will be able to go as she must take care of her demanding mother. Sutter teaches Aimee to stand up to her mom and the two kiss.

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